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Great-Finders Services

Sourcing luxury goods exclusively for you

Great-Finders believe that the very best objects are rare objects as they represent the pinnacle of the skills of master craftsmen, built up over years, decades or even generations. Passion, love and consummate skill make these luxury goods not just rare but beautiful and intensely desirable, from rare watches to rare cars.

Finding a rare watch and other such rare items cannot be found in a high street shop. Luxury goods are most often owned by those who have a love for beauty and craftsmanship; price has no limits when it comes to the passion for such fine items.

Sourcing high end products is not easy and can be time consuming. If you desire the best but do not have the time to discover where in the world they can be found, come to Great-Finders where we take the greatest pleasure in finding luxury goods for you.

Not only do we share your passion for beautiful things in life but because we have owned and traded in items of desire and rarity for the last thirty years, we have the contacts and the knowledge to be able to locate your desired item.

Great-Finders can find or sell whatever you need, be it a rare or limited edition watch or a dream car that you aspire to own or want to possibly sell. We can be trusted when sourcing high end products as we understand not just the intrinsic worth of an item but also its rarity value. We are ideally placed to be able to advise both buyers and sellers as to what price is fair to both sides of the sales process.

While most of our clients know what they are looking for, some would like advice as well. With our depth of knowledge of the luxury goods market, we are perfectly placed to give totally impartial advice on both buying and selling. You can rely on Great-Finders’ total discretion, no matter what you are looking for – we realise the importance of client confidentiality.

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